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Report: Tourism in Canada – Seizing Economic Advantage

Barrett Fisher recently presented this report to council. The monumental tourism study was commissioned by a group of tourism leaders, led by Tourism Whistler, and written by Deloitte. Released in December, and presented to government in February through May, this report has been credited for influencing the recently-released federal budget. The four key recommendations of the report included:

  • Eliminate visa requirements in Mexico and Brazil and further reduce visa processing times in China and India
  • Reduce fees and charges that are creating an uneven playing field for the air transportation industry
  • Negotiate more open and non-restrictive air agreements in target markets (such as Southeast Asia, South America and the Middle East) to increase air routes and capacity
  • Restore the Canadian Tourism Commission’s funding to its 2001 level of $100 million annually, adjusted for inflation, and consider alternate funding approaches that could further leverage private sector partner contributions

Members are invited to view the report here. If you are unable to access the link, please contact us.

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Stay on top of highway conditions and help your guests to be informed by signing up for email updates from Drive BC, or follow them on Twitter. Traffic reports are also given regularly on Mountain FM (102.1 Whistler/ 107.1 Squamish).


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