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New program helping make it easy to rent your property:

Home Run matches property owners with local businesses, allowing them to house their workforce. This new program is not a complicated leasing process with individual tenants. A property manager matches your home, condo or suite to a business that will take full responsibility for the lease, rent and the maintenance of your property - giving you peace of mind. With record-breaking business in Whistler over the last few years, rental arrangements for part of the season or longer can make a valuable difference. Home Run will find the right match and make renting your property easy. Info Postcard

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Highway Updates

Stay on top of highway conditions and help your guests to be informed by signing up for email updates from Drive BC, or follow them on Twitter. Traffic reports are also given regularly on Mountain FM (102.1 Whistler/ 107.1 Squamish).

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For managers/ owners looking to get ready for the upcoming season, train their staff, purchase supplies, make schedules etc.


For marketing/ front line wanting to communicate with in-resort and engaged guests, opportunities to participate in events and promotions.


For managers/ owners looking to evaluate their business - past performance and future opportunities based in research and TW activities.