About Tourism Whistler

About Tourism Whistler

Legally known as the Whistler Resort Association, Tourism Whistler is the official destination marketing and management organization (DMMO) representing the resort of Whistler.

We also operate the Whistler Conference Centre, the Whistler Golf Club, and the Whistler Visitor Centre, as well as Whistler.com - Whistler’s official source for accommodation and activity information and bookings.

Formed in 1979 at the recommendation of the provincial government, Tourism Whistler represents more than 8,000 Members who own, manage and operate rental properties and/or businesses on Whistler’s designated Resort Lands, including hotels, restaurants, activity operators and retail shops.

Tourism Whistler is governed by its Board of Directors and the organization’s efforts are further directed by its membership through its Association Bylaws that are approved by Whistler’s municipal council and the provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Our Mandate

Tourism Whistler is responsible for supporting Whistler’s visitor-based tourism economy by promoting the resort as an international, four-season destination with the goal of increasing overnight visitation, noting that an overnight visitor also participates in resort activities, dines in local restaurants, and shops in local retail stores.

Whistler is a global leader among destination mountain resort communities, attracting more than 3 million visitors annually and generating more than 25% of BC’s total tourism export revenue.

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Our Purpose

To honour, protect and celebrate Whistler’s unique mountain culture and environment.

Our Vision

To be the most valued, respected and regenerative mountain resort-community.

Our Mission

To inspire mountain enthusiasts and adventure seekers to thoughtfully experience and share Whistler again and again.


While Member assessment fees account for approximately 54% of Tourism Whistler’s total revenues, funding is also acquired through operations centres (i.e. the Whistler Conference Centre, the Whistler Golf Club and whistler.com) as well as municipal regional district tax (MRDT) contributions, sponsorships, and partnerships.

*based on 2019 results

What Are Whistler’s Designated Resort Lands?

In 1979, the Provincial Development Plan called for Whistler to build a tourist resort village. Accommodation and commercial spaces developed in prime areas were designated “Resort Lands” under the Resort Municipality of Whistler Act (1975) and many properties have covenants registered on title to ensure that accommodations in these prime locations will be available for rent to tourists visiting Whistler.

The Whistler Resort Association (dba Tourism Whistler) was formed to market and promote Whistler, using assessments paid by its Members to support its marketing and sales initiatives. Membership is therefore compulsory for all owners of property on Resort Land and all Members are required to pay assessments. This principle is set out in the Association Bylaws to ensure assessment contributions are raised on a fair and equitable basis.

In addition, this membership requirement is registered on title to all applicable properties, so purchasers of property on Resort Land in Whistler are notified of their membership obligations during the sale process.

View a map of Whistler’s designated Resort Lands.

Use Tourism Whistler’s Parcel Identifier (PID) Tool to determine if a property is on Resort Land and therefore subject to mandatory Tourism Whistler assessment fees.

About Whistler.com

Whistler.com is Whistler’s official source for accommodation and activity information and bookings. It is the official call-to-action for all of Tourism Whistler’s marketing and sales efforts with the ultimate responsibility of converting leads generated by marketing initiatives into room nights for the resort. Any profits achieved are then re-invested back into marketing Whistler.

Whistler.com is owned by the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) and Tourism Whistler and has been managed and operated as a central reservations company by Tourism Whistler since 2006.

Whistler.com operates on a different fiscal year than Tourism Whistler and is governed by a subset of the Tourism Whistler Board of Directors.


Whistler.com delivers visitors to the resort by promoting and selling Whistler through Tourism Whistler’s comprehensive, user-friendly website and through effective conversion and retention programs, thereby contributing to the viability of all resort partners and creating shareholder value.