Tourism Whistler Membership Information

Become a Member of Tourism Whistler

All owners of accommodation and commercial properties located on Whistler’s designated Resort Lands are compulsory Members of Tourism Whistler, but businesses can also be Members! As Members, businesses gain access to a wide variety of resources including resort performance data, forecasting and visitor insights, promotional opportunities, marketing campaign toolkits, visitor servicing tools, and more.

There are two ways a business can become a Tourism Whistler Member:

Commercial Tenant

Businesses operating on Whistler’s designated Resort Lands automatically qualify for Tourism Whistler membership as Commercial Tenants. Commercial Tenants are not required to pay additional fees to Tourism Whistler as the mandatory membership fees are the responsibility of the Commercial Landlord.

To become a Member, Commercial Tenants must register with Tourism Whistler by completing a Commercial Tenant Registration Form.

Affiliate Membership

The Affiliate Membership Program provides businesses operating outside of Whistler’s designated Resort Lands the opportunity to establish a formal working-relationship with Tourism Whistler. The purpose of the program is to partner with businesses that fill gaps in services or visitor offerings available to Whistler guests, and to supplement the products and services offered by businesses located on Resort Land.

Learn more about the Affiliate Membership Program and how to apply.