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Tourism Whistler is a provincially legislated mandatory membership organization. All owners of accommodation and commercial properties on Whistler’s designated Resort Lands are required to be Members of Tourism Whistler and must contribute annual assessment fees to support the organization’s ongoing marketing and sales initiatives.

As the first point of contact with potential new Tourism Whistler Members, it is important that our local real estate agents have access to all the information they need to properly communicate Tourism Whistler’s membership obligations and benefits to their clients.

Real estate agents and law professionals are encouraged to review and share the resources on this page to assist clients in making informed decisions. Note that Tourism Whistler’s membership requirement is registered on title to all applicable properties, so purchasers of property on Resort Land in Whistler are notified of their membership obligations during the sale process.

Whistler’s success is based on both its national and international appeal. Its recognition as a world-class resort is the result of strategic marketing by Tourism Whistler and its Members, and ultimately leads to long-term economic benefits for both residential property owners and the owners of commercial businesses in the resort.

Why are property owners required to be members of Tourism Whistler?

In 1979, the Provincial Development Plan called for Whistler to build a tourist resort village. Accommodation and commercial spaces developed in prime areas were designated “Resort Lands” under the Resort Municipality of Whistler Act (1975) and many properties have covenants registered on title to ensure that accommodations in these prime locations will be available for rent to tourists visiting Whistler.

The Whistler Resort Association (dba Tourism Whistler) was formed to market and promote Whistler, using assessments paid by its Members to support its marketing and sales initiatives. Membership is therefore compulsory for all owners of property on Resort Land and all Members are required to pay assessments. This principle is set out in the Association Bylaws to ensure assessment contributions are raised on a fair and equitable basis. In addition, this membership requirement is registered on title to the property, so all purchasers of property on Resort Land are notified of their membership obligations.

Tourism Whistler is accountable to its Members to show results for assessment dollars. Annual membership assessment fees are invested in marketing and sales initiatives aimed at achieving Tourism Whistler’s primary objective: increasing overnight visitors to the resort, noting that an overnight visitor also participates in resort activities, dines in local restaurants, and shops in local retail stores.

Marketing and sales initiatives include brand advertising, group sales, promotional campaigns, events and media relations – all focused on attracting guests to the resort. The website and Reservations (1.800.944.7853) provide a central reservation service for Whistler, ensuring that potential visitors directed to this call-to-action are given the information and support they need to book their visit to Whistler.

What are assessment fees used for?

The assessment fees paid by Members of Tourism Whistler are divided into two fee structures that fund different areas of operation for the organization.

Common Fees

These are fees payable by ALL Members of Tourism Whistler and are used to fund operations related to administration and Member services.

Commercial Fees

These are fees payable (in addition to the Common fees) by Members who use their properties for commercial purposes or whose property has a restrictive phase one covenant and is located in the area designated as ‘Town Centre’. Commercial fees are used for sales, marketing, conference sales, visitor servicing, research and destination development initiatives.

What taxes is my property potentially subject to?

While Realtors and Accountants are going to have the most up to date information available on current taxes and exemptions that relate to properties in Whistler, the following is a brief summary of what property owners can expect:

Property Tax – In British Columbia, municipal property tax rates are calculated based on the budgeted property tax revenues established by Council during the annual budget process and assessment information provided by BC Assessment. Learn more about property taxes in Whistler on the Resort Municipality of Whistler's website.

Underused Housing Tax – The Canadian Government has recently introduced the Underused Housing Tax, a federally regulated annual 1% tax on the ownership of vacant or underused housing in Canada. The tax took effect on January 1, 2022, and applies primarily to non-resident, non-Canadian owners; however, in some situations it also applies to Canadian owners. Learn more about Canada's Underused Housing Tax here.

Note: Whistler is not subject to the Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act and is exempt from the BC Speculation and Vacancy Tax.

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To find out whether a property is on resort land, please use the Parcel Identifier Search Tool below. For lawyers and notaries who would like to request a statement of account, please use the Fee Information Request Form.