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Recruiting Employees to Live, Work & Play in Whistler

Tourism Whistler, in partnership with the Whistler Chamber of Commerce, will continue to support resort-wide recruiting efforts by dedicating funds & resources towards a second wave of a recruitment campaign. The recruiting video that was created in 2021 and used as the anchor piece for the first domestic wave of the campaign in early winter 2021, will be leveraged again for the second international wave in the US, UK, and Australia taking place in spring 2022.

To support recruitment campaign efforts, Tourism Whistler has created a resort-wide employee recruitment video series. The cornerstone of the video series is a full-length signature recruiting video featuring iconic Whistler visuals and commentary from real employees detailing what makes Whistler such a special place to live, work and play.

Attracting and retaining a stable and passionate workforce is critical to the economic health of our destination, and we recognize securing adequate staffing is the most significant challenge facing businesses across the hospitality sector as we work to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of the second wave of the recruitment campaign is to help Whistler businesses attract employees for this upcoming summer and subsequent winter season, but also inspire future relocation.

Watch the Live, Work & Play in Whistler video here:

Tourism Whistler has created a series of 15-second short videos that can be leveraged in social media and digital advertising to help our member businesses and resort partners recruit employees. These videos have been intentionally produced without branded endplates so that members and partners have the option to customize them with their own personalized call-to-action (CTA).

The 15-second short videos are available on the Tourism Whistler Content Hub.

How is Tourism Whistler Planning to Use These Videos?

Tourism Whistler will be leveraging these assets in our owned channels, including a dedicated landing page on, a Live & Work in Whistler blog, and organic posts on Go Whistler’s social media channels.

The second, international wave of the resort recruitment campaign starts in April and will run for 6 weeks. Video and display are the key strategic elements.

Video - A :15sec video from the series will drive to Whistler Chamber’s Workforce Hub where job postings in Whistler and the full recruitment video live.

Display - In addition, geo-fenced mobile display banners will send engaged prospects to Whistler Insider’s Live & Work in Whistler blog. 

Advertising creative aligns nicely to the campaign landing pages, with a strong call to action asking job seekers to Make Your Move. A full blocking chart detailing Tourism Whistler’s media plan is available on the right-side of this page.

How Can Member Businesses and Resort Partners Use These Videos?

We encourage all Whistler businesses and resort partners to leverage these video assets as part of their recruiting strategies. Our collective efforts to inspire and attract more employees to live and work in Whistler is good for all of us.

Please share the Live, Work & Play in Whistler video through your channels.

Businesses also have access to the raw 15-second short video files so that they can be customized with your company’s branded endplate and call-to-action.

The customizable video files are accessible on the Tourism Whistler Content Hub.

Do You Have Questions or Need Further Support?

If you have any questions about the recruiting videos, or need help accessing or customizing the videos so that they can be effectively leveraged through your channels, please reach out to:

Kimberly Hume, Senior Manager, Data Marketing & Creative Services,