Tourism Whistler Membership Information



Tourism Whistler is a legislated mandatory membership organization, empowered to market Whistler on behalf of its Members. All owners on designated "Resort Lands" in Whistler must be a Member of Tourism Whistler and contribute assessment fees to support ongoing marketing and sales initiatives.

Whistler's success is based on both its national and international appeal. Its recognition as a world-class resort is the result of strategic and aggressive marketing by Tourism Whistler and its Members.

Owners or Tenants of residential or commercial property on Resort Land as defined by the Resort Municipality of Whistler Act (link to RMOW act in the resource bar) are mandatory members of Tourism Whistler and pay fees to support the marketing and sales efforts. All members are asked to keep contact information up to date with Tourism Whistler.

Types of Membership, Fees & Voting

Accommodation Owners

Owners of multi-managed or single-managed units on Resort Land. Properties are designated as a Lodging Resort Lot or Residential Resort Lot depending on the location, usage and any restrictive covenants. Most members pay both common and commercial fees (Lodging Resort Lot), based on the number of bed units. Accommodation owners who are not located within Town Centre, and/ or subject to restrictive covenants, may complete a Use Declaration Form each year to determine whether they are eligible to pay common fees only (Residential Resort Lot). Accommodation Owners are eligible to vote for the Director representing their accommodation category, and for the Director at Large position. The number of votes is determined by the number of billing units assessed.

Commercial Landlords

Owners of commercially zoned property on Resort Land. Billing units are based on the square footage of the commercial unit. Eligible to vote for the Commercial Director position and for the Director at Large position. Number of votes determined by the billing units and the occupancy of the space.

Commercial Tenants (CT)

Businesses operating on Resort Land. Billing is to the Commercial Landlord, and no additional fees are required from CTs for membership. Tenants must complete the Commercial Tenant Information form each year. Eligible to vote for the Commercial Director position and for the Director at Large position. Number of votes determined by square footage of the commercial unit.


The Affiliate Membership Program provides businesses operating outside of Resort Land the opportunity to establish a formal working-relationship with Tourism Whistler. The purpose of the program is to partner with businesses that fill gaps in services or visitor offerings available to Whistler guests, and to supplement the products and services offered by businesses located on Resort Land. Learn more about the Affiliate Membership Program and how to apply.


Over the long term, economic benefits are not limited solely to the owners of commercial businesses in the resort. Residents who purchase property on Resort Land acknowledge that contributions will be made to Tourism Whistler in order to market and sell the resort to the world. In turn, the positioning of Whistler as a premier year-round mountain resort has contributed to the long-term growth in property value seen by residential Members of Tourism Whistler.

All members have access to many resources highlighted through the member website and meetings. These resources include research, updates from our teams, e-newsletters, and access to images. Members are encouraged to participate in the AGM and voting process, and to contact the Member Relations Manager with any ideas or questions.

Commercial Members can directly affect the visitor experience. To help provide the best experience possible, they can access maps, attend our seasonal trade show, work with our teams to host FAMs, support events, or join in other (ad) opportunities that are presented. They are also encouraged to keep listings current on the Business Directory and with the Visitor Centre.

We also work with certain Tourism Whistler commercial members to create engaging offerings for guests booking through Businesses must be TW members to be eligible to be listed, but the participation in this program is not guaranteed for all members and is subject to certain rules and guidelines.

Key Dates

Assessment Fee Invoice: Last week of January

Monthly Installment Plan Sign Up Deadline: February 27

Monthly Installment Plan First Installment of ten Processed: February 28

Affiliate Membership Fees Due Date: January 31

Annual Use Declaration Forms for Residential Accommodation Members (UDF):

• UDFs are submitted online from: January 10 to March 31

• UDF Deadline: March 31

Assessment Fees Payment Deadline: March 31

View the Member Meetings page to see upcoming meetings

View information regarding the AGM


All Members (except Commercial Tenants) are assessed and invoiced annually, based on their billing units. Please see the Fees & Payments document in the Resources Toolbar on the right for complete information on the calculation of fees, amounts, and payment options.

Several payment options are available to Members and are summarised in the section below.

If you have questions, please contact our Assessments department at: 604.938.2742 or by email at Please see the Resources section for a letter from Barrett Fisher, President & CEO, regarding our strategic priorities, business levels for the year.

Payment Options

Members can log in to their account online to sign up for various payment options, update contact information and sign up for email correspondence at

• Online banking: Pay from your own online Canadian banking payment website or app. Add Tourism Whistler as a payee and your member number as the account number. (Tourism Whistler may be listed as either Whistler Resort Association or Tourism Whistler on the payee list at your bank. DO NOT SELECT WHISTLER TAXES.)

• Interac E-transfer: Through your online banking, create a contact for Tourism Whistler using as the email address. Make sure to put your Member number in the message. Password set up is not required as this is an auto deposit. Interac e-Transfer is only available to send or receive funds in Canadian dollars from any financial institution enrolled with Interac e-Transfer within Canada. Please note that your bank may charge you for e-transfers.

• Cheque: Send a cheque, in Canadian dollars, (from a Canadian banking institution), money order, or cashier's cheque. (Ensure the cheque is mailed in plenty of time to arrive by the payment deadline March 31, and write your Member number on it.)

• Pre-authorized payments: Either Monthly Installment Plan of ten equal pre-authorized monthly installments from your Canadian bank account from February to November; or once annually on the due date (March 31).

To ensure member payments are associated with the correct account, and that we respond quickly to your inquiries, please quote your Member number on all cheques and correspondence, and when contacting our office

For more information, please see the Fees and Payments Document in the Resources Toolbar on the right, or give the Assessments team a call.

How Restrictive Covenants Affect Fees

Phase 1 and Phase 2 Covenants (Restrictive)

Phase 1 and Phase 2 covenants are registered on the title to a property and restrict how the property is used in order to ensure enough accommodation is available for Tourist Accommodation.

Phase 1 covenants allow for unlimited owner usage, but when the property is not being used by the owner it must be placed in a rental pool.

Phase 2 covenants restrict the number of days the owner is allowed to use the property. The rest of the time the property must be placed in a rental pool.

How Covenants affect Tourism Whistler Assessment Fees

Properties with Phase 1 covenants that are located within the area designated as Town Centre according to the RMOW Act and the Tourism Whistler Bylaws are assessed as a Lodging Resort Lot at all times regardless of the usage of the property. Examples include (but are not limited to): Marketplace Lodge and The Marquise.

Phase 2 properties (regardless of location) are always assessed as Lodging Resort Lots due to rental pool requirements and restrictions on owner usage.

Phase 1 properties that are located outside of the Town Centre designated area are assessed according to the declaration of usage annually.

There is a list of properties that are always assessed as Lodging Resort Lots (Phase 2 and Phase 1 in the Town Centre) in the Resource Toolbar on the right.

For more information regarding rental pool covenants, please visit the Resort Municipality of Whistler’s website here.