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The idea around Place Branding as a tourism visioning exercise for Whistler was first presented in late 2017, with a Letter to the Editor in Pique Newsmagazine, written by Tourism Whistler’s President and CEO, Barrett Fisher.

The letter acknowledged Tourism Whistler’s community commitment to responsible tourism and balanced year-round visitation - recommending the place branding exercise as the first step to explore the characteristics that make Whistler truly special and unique, and to attract guests who are passionate about Whistler’s attributes and its natural mountain environment. The Place Branding project aims to develop – with stakeholder engagement – a collective tourism vision for Whistler.

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Next Steps

  1. In-person workshop with a broad cross-section of business and resident stakeholders (June 14)
  2. Intercept visitor interviews (summer 2018)
  3. Social media listening (summer 2018)
  4. Online community survey (early summer 2018)
  5. Online guest survey (early summer 2018)

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  • Have Questions?

    If you have any questions regarding this exercise, please review the FAQ on the Place Branding exercise. If you experience trouble accessing the survey or have any further questions, please email: Michelle Fernandes, Tourism Whistler’s Communications Coordinator at