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Tourism Whistler offers a couple of methods for displaying Whistler Events on your website; an iFrame or a JSON feed. You can showcase all or any specific events that have been entered into the Whistler Central Events Database. To help you select your events, we’ve created an easy four step process for you to configure your iFrame/JSON to your preferences.

Learn how to enter in your events in the Central Events Database and how to use the Events iFrame by reading through the following User Guide.


Step One (mandatory)

  • Select the town.
  • Select the venue. Note: If you wish to display everything in a location, choose --All--. If you have a “Private Event” you must select the designated venue in which the “Private Event” held. Otherwise it will not be included.
  • Click on Add Locations. Note: Add as many venues as you like.

Step Two (mandatory)

  • Select the themed category.

Step Three (optional)

  • If you’d like specific events included in your iFrame/JSON that don’t have a specific venue (i.e. WSSF, Crankworx, etc…) type in event name and click on search events. If the event has been added to the database then it should appear.

Step Four (optional)

  • Select your Preview Style (currently not operational)
  • Select your colour preference
  • Click on “View Event Listing Preview”. Ensure the events you wish to have displayed are there.
  • Once all edits are made and you are happy with your preview, click on 'View Code' to obtain your code snippet
  • Once you have your iFrame/JSON code snippet, simply add it to your chosen webpage using your CMS OR provide the code to whoever updates your website.

Note: You cannot change the description, link, venue, or image included in the event listing. You can only change the events you wish to display.If there’s an error in the event that you are producing, please email to make any changes.


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