Affiliate Member Application Form

Tourism-related businesses located outside of Whistler’s designated "Resort Lands" may apply for an Affiliate Membership.

Please complete this form to apply and direct any questions to Tourism Whistler’s Member Relations Department at

Step 1: Eligibility Check
*Is your business located in the resort of Whistler?
*Are you a visitor-facing business that supports tourism in the resort of Whistler?
*Has your business been in operation for more than one year?
*Does your business possess all the proper licensing, zoning and approvals to be in operation?
(e.g., valid business license, Crown Land tenure agreement, etc.)
Step 2: Business Information
*Business Name:
*Business License Number:
*Owner Name:
*Owner Email:
*Business Website:
*Square Footage of Customer-Facing Space:     
(Customer-facing space is defined as the space your business uses to interact with/service customers. You can exclude back-of-house spaces such as storage rooms and employee breakrooms in your assessment.)
Business Location
*Postal Code:
Business Mailing Address (if different from above)
Postal Code:
Business Contact Information for Customers
*Phone Number:
Online Presence & Social Media (please provide links)
Step 3: Contact Information for Tourism Whistler Correspondence
Primary Contact
*Job Title:
Step 4: Tourism Whistler Membership Questions
*Please provide a brief customer-facing description of your business:
*Why are you interested in becoming a member of Tourism Whistler?
*Are you interested in having your products or services sold through